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Meeko, Karto, Strawberry Girl, and Merilwyn

Meeko, Kharjo, Strawberry Girl, and Merilwyn

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, through Steam, pretty seriously since sometime in July. I know, I know … I’m a step or two or three behind the times. This is the first game of it’s type I’ve played and I really enjoy it because of the storyline.

Remaining true to myself, I created a boring female red-headed Norn warrior named Merylwin (Rose in Sindarin).

During the first several weeks I completed the intro quest lines, got used to the UI, and learned to use things. Lots of online research. Also I’ve done ALOT of just exploring, getting the symbols on my map.

I’ve joined the Thieves’ Guild, the Companions, and the Stormcloaks. I’m considering doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line next so that I can get Shadowmere, whom some consider the best horse in Skyrim. I think I can make him essential using the setessential <base ID> <1/0> console command. On the other hand, I’m pretty happy with the horse I first bought in Whiterun, whom I call Strawberry Girl.

My dog Meeko, is a big help, even if he barks a lot and dies often. Because he’s a good dog, I just reset and redo.

I love having Kharjo, a male Khajiit Warrior, as a follower. Marrying him would involve some console finagling.

Thanks to some online video tips I got my home and furnishing (except for one room because I was hurried) in Whiterun and Windhelm for free. It really was easier to use the “Slow Time Shout,” even though the process is boring and time consuming overall.

Main Quest Line – Act I is proceeding okay but I’ve got to figure out how to use the Whirlwind Sprint more effectively.

After joining the Stormcloaks I completed the Civil War quest line for Ulfric Stormcloak. He reminds me of Thorin Oakenshield and is voiced by the actor who played  Buliwyf in the film The 13th Warrior, Vladimir Kulich. I wanted to stab him in the back myself by the end of the war.

On a side note,  buy and furnish Breezehome before the Battle for Whiterun.

I haven’t figured out how to take good pictures in Skyrim yet, but I’m working on it.


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