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I decided to get a jump on my winter holiday decor this year since last year took me by surprise. So with a pocket full of Linden I went shopping.

After much decision and mucking about with my parcel footprint, Frosty Copse from Two Moons Gardens by Bunnie Badger became my base landscape. Two Moon products have quality and imagination. Being able to copy and modify most of the elements gives me the versatility I require.

It was a tough choice but Bee Designs (Bee Cauldron/Mandy Broek) won me over with the incredible Christmas version of the Bear Retreat Cabin. Great seasonal price, chock full of content and detail, copy and mod versatility – it has every thing I need and more. I don’t think Bee Cauldron creates all of the mesh or objects but she has an amazing eye and design sense. Of course, I put my own spin on it.

I enlarged the porch to a full size deck and changed the lighting and decor to something more whimsical.  Outside lighting Half-Deer Frost Firefly Vine, What Next Winter Harvest Stars Lanterns and Clary Craft Acorn Lanterns. Window candles are Lisp Bazaar Antler Candles. Porch decor includes the Tis The Season Setting from Adorably Strange Wares, Zinnia’s Chiminea Danza, Winter Harvest Chairs from What Next, and Dust Bunny‘s Knitted Stool and Cocoa and Cookies Tray.

The cabin is essentially a one-room space with a sleeping alcove. The ceiling is raftered with a small floored area above the alcove. It comes fully furnished and one of the selling points for me was the size and quality of the furnishings. But I had to include a few of my favorite things and give a shout out to some of my favorite designers and content creators. See the larger pictures and shopping info on my Flickr site.


Just visible through the trees from the bridge, you can see some winter magic at work, courtesy of eager beaver stirring creature from Noctis and Mushilu‘s enchanting forest animals.



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Linden Home - Quad - Private EntranceIn November 2016 I moved from the Linden Home I’d lived in since they were introduced. It was time for a change. I chose the Quad, a grouping of four much smaller residences. Each features a private entrance with patio and personalized landscaping. I added a few giant bamboo trees and a patio set.

Most of the furnishing come from The Mansion A.E. 2.0 purchased from Fabrizio Gigamon in the summer of 2010. At the time it was too modern for my taste.

The four units open to a shared atrium with a welcoming fire pit. It was a bit disappointing that one is not able to place personal decor or seating in this area.

Linden Home - Quad - Shared Atrium

Linden Home – Quad – Shared Atrium

Although the space is much smaller the open floor plan offers great decorating options. I chose to make the area to the right of the private entrance my living area. Surrounded on 2 sides by picture windows the view is lovely although not private.

Because I was looking for something completely different, I went with dark walls and light flooring and ceiling for a more modern look. I keep pretty much to the same palette of black, white, grey, and blue throughout.

The portrait over the fireplace is a very early nude study, from March 2007. You can see that I had not yet created a more realistically proportioned avatar. But I really like this picture of an early Rose.

The portrait on the left was created for a contest Linden Labs ran in 2013 (I think) as part of a marketing ploy

From the private entrance looking right

From the private entrance looking right

I created the waterfall window treatment in the study area to increase privacy. The side facing the atrium matches the stone exterior wall. The ability to have one way transparency is the single item I most wish existed in the material world.

The furnishing are the Toronto Study by Bazar purchased in 2013. Note the footstool under the desk. One of the drawbacks of a “normal” sized avatar is that designers still do not design for normal proportions. The sleek lines of this set do really well here. On the desk is a typewriter from floorplan, one of the few gatchas I’ve played (I really dislike hate dislike the whole gatcha thing). There is also the Bird Nerd coffee cup from Lark.



The sleeping area was a challenge. I ended up creating a low stone wall for privacy. The curve matches the lines of the fireplace and I’ve kept it simple.

Sleeping Area

This view of the entrance also show the alcove I use for changing. I couldn’t resist adding a touch of whimsy with Challis’ delightful Tree Owls Living Wall Stencil from 2014.

Entrance and Alcove


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