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I’ve taught classes in Second Life since 2007, thanks to the encouragement of Pamela Rose (Vanilla Jessop), DrFran Babcock and the great staff at Mystical Mastery’s (sadly defunct). Now its time to organize, document, update, and start teaching again. Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing just that here and at my Facebook page, Classes by Rose Mackie,  If you have pictures or stories from classes you’ve taken, I’d love to see and hear them.


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Make a texture changing prim rosette you can use over and over and a basic choker style necklace with endless possibilites. We’ll build it large enough for easy manipulation and size it to fit.

Instructor: Rose Mackie
Location: Room 727 Classroom
Date: 10/27/2010
Time: 5 PMto 6:30 PM SLT
Cost: Free

Pre-requisites: A journeyman/intermediate class because we’ll be fiddling with size, a bit of script tweaking, and prim abuse.
Scheduled for 90 minutes to give extra attention to inexperienced builders.

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Come make a fun beach scene with Umbrella, beach towel and pose. Learn the basics of building in Second Life!

LOCATION: Mystical Mastery Learning Center Mystic Heights Classroom

DATE: 08/10/2010 (Tuesday) TIME:10 AM SLT

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Journeyman / Intermediate 2
Instructor : Rose Mackie

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Camera Controls and the Edit Menu, know how to shift-copy/ctrl-Z, how to select a specific prim face for texturing and how to focus on project.

Two Class Dates

Date: Wednesday, August 4           Time: 7 Pm PST

Date: Saturday, August 7               Time: 5 Pm PST
Location: Mystic Heights Classroom on Mystical Mastery

Duration: 1.5 hour

You may have heard the phrase “The Devil is in the details.” That’s certainly true for building in Second Life.

This 7-prim build is going to focus on some building techniques to simplify alignment and on texturing details that make a difference to the overall appearance and quality of your build.

This is not a beginner’s class. It is a Journeyman Class.

You need to be familiar with Camera Controls and the Edit Menu, know how to shift-copy/ctrl-Z, how to select a specific prim face for texturing and how to focus on project.

Also, this class is scheduled to last 90 minutes, because we’ll be doing some experimenting.


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Getting ready to get started
posted by Rose Mackie on Mystical Mastery using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

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I wanted to teach a series of classes using the same basic object and making it more complex to teach a set of skills and increase a student’s confidence in pushing their personal envelope.

This is a series of 3 classes using a simple 2 prim hair stick as it’s base object. Each class was done at a workbench that doubles as a pose stand (a Just Rose original!) and supplies included a Builder’s Magic Carpet and a Color Finder

These are Advanced Beginner Classes (Familiarity with Build Menu and Camera Controls and attaching objects) because I wanted builders to advance to the next step.

Feathered Hair Sticks October 2008

Class 1: Simple Color Changing Hair Sticks that change color by chat command. We  learn to personalize a generic color changing script to learn camera control skills. We attach and manipulate multiple attached objects to position hair sticks on our avatar. First offered August 2008

Class 2: Floaty Feathers Hair Sticks uses the color changing sticks created in the first class (a spare pair of hair sticks is included in the supplies for those who did not take Class 1). We use Path and Profile cuts to make very thin prims and learn about the Flexi Feature settings. First offered September 2008

Class at Mystical Mastery’s September 2008

Class 3:Beaded Hair Sticks focuses on using nano prims to create several differently shaped and textured beads and spacers to decorate the top of a hair stick. The focus is on prim manipulation and alignment. The hair sticks from class 1 are used again. First offered October 2008.

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This project requires a good working familiarity with the Edit Menu, the Shift-Drag-Copy technique, selecting surfaces for texturing, Linking, and Camera controls.
It is not a beginner’s class. I will not have time to teach basic building techniques, although you are welcome to try the build and/or to observe. Notes will be available at the end of class.

The main goal of this class is to introduce you to good building practices and some different techniques for positioning, alignment and texturing.

I will be passing on a lot of information during the build and there is alot to read. Please let me know if I am going too fast. Stop me at anytime to ask questions.

This basic build is pretty simple ~ a bunch of cylinders, boxes and a torus.

First offerred March 2008

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