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Names displayed from left to right: Aditi Grid Admin, Tessa Wycliff, Penis Linden, LoganMartin Dover


Courtesy of Blynn Heron: Check out this – entitled “Display names are fun” – evidentially they have not yet blacklisted the use of “linden” as a last name yet in the display names lol http://privatepaste.com/download/5bf92b1d8e

Participants in this exchange showed their Display Names (from left to right: Aditi Grid Admin, Tessa Wycliff, Penis Linden, LoganMartin Dover).

Tessa Wycliffe: Hello, checking out the display names “feature” password lol

Penis Linden: hahahaha

Tessa Wycliffe: penis linden, what a hoot!

Penis Linden: xD

To which the Linden online at the moment replied:

Spike Linden: ‘linden’ will definitely be blacklisted

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I've never been to San Francisco or Golden Gate Park in real life OR Second Life

While the Facebook Places application may be a good marketing idea for publicize your business or to share fun places to visit it is a bad idea for personal privacy.

You can choose ti post “Hey, I’m at Golden Gate Park and it’s great” to your friends rather than let the world know. Using Places mean that anyone who looks at that site’s Facebook page, ANYONE IN THE WORLD, can see who is there. They don’t even have to be one of your friends to know where you are.

While the application current works mostly if you update Facebook from your phone, there is the option that anyone you’ve friended can reveal your location without you knowing or permitting it.

The settings to prevent this are located in your ACCOUNT>PRIVACY SETTINGS

Choose Your Privacy Settings > Customize settings
Things I share > Places I check in to > CUSTOM > EDIT > THESE PEOPLE > ONLY ME
Things I share > Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in: Visible to friends and people checked in nearby (See an example)) > Enabled (UNCHECK THIS)

(This option means that anyone else can post your location)
Things others share > Friends can check me in to Places > DISABLED

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I love this!

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What Farscape Character are you?

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